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Project Management

Under the project management suite, our aim is to train and convert absolute beginners and intermediates in project management into veterans and experts in planning, executing and achieving project milestones through the use of Microsoft Project.

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Logistic Suite

Our Logistic Suite Training Programs are designed to familiarize participants with the basic concepts and commands for project management and planning in the logistics sector.

We have also a dedicated program for logistics contract management.

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Technical And Design Suite - COMING SOON

Business presentation and communication today need to heavily embrace digital technologies and platforms. From the way businesses are conducted, the way information is conveyed to customers Offline to Online (O2O), to acquiring new customers and business expansions in the online world.

We have a full suite of training ranging from Big Data Management, Cyber Securities,  Graphic Design, to Digital Marketing and Sales and Marketing to cater to your growing business needs.

Office Suite - COMING SOON

Our Office Suite provides basic and intermediate training to empower your team members in using office tools. Covering word processing tips and shortcuts, creating efficient and concise spreadsheets,  to stunning presentations slides with powerful tips to winning project tendering.

We’ve got your needs covered.