Rightway Elite Training Suites

At Rightway Elite, we believe in offering a full suite of training programs to meet the current and future technical skills demands in the market.

With project management as our core competency, we offered the following training programs, divided into 4 suites to meet the training and competency needs of the market’s ever-growing demand for skilled and knowledge workforce.

  • Project Mangement Suite
  • Logistic Suites
  • Office Suites
  • Technical And Digital Suites

Project Management Suite

Under the project management suite, our aim is to train and convert absolute beginners and intermediates into veterans in project management, through the use of Microsoft Project.

Logistic Suites

Under the logistic suites, the training programs are designed to familiarize participants with the basic concepts and commands for project management and planning in the logistics sector.

Technical And Digital Suite

Under the technical and digital suite, our aim is to transform the businesses are conducted, from the way information is conveyed to customers Offline to Online (O2O), to acquiring new customers and business expansions in the online world.

Office Suite

Under the Office Suite, our aim is to empower participants with useful skill sets and the right knowledge to create documents, comprehensive worksheets, effective presentations and proper data management using the many tools offered in MS Office