Logistics Suite

RWE Logistics Suite

Logistics management is an important component of many companies’ profitability and overall success.

While some companies manage their logistics, others find it more efficient to hire specialized contract logistics companies to manage their logistics for them.

Contract logistics companies often need to develop a deep understanding of how different industries work to best manage the logistics of a variety of companies, according to the respective industry needs.

For businesses operating on an international level, logistics management is an essential element of creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

At Rightway Elite, we are proud to offer two training programs to businesses involved in the supply chain business:

  • Logistics Project Planning With Microsoft Project
  • Logistics Contract Management

Logistics Project Planning With Microsoft Project

This training module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the ability to use project management tools and software to prepare project plans and monitor projects – including the planning and management of time, cost, tasks and resources in the logistics sector.

At the end of the training, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand the key concepts relating to planning and managing projects
  • Use Microsoft Project to create and maintain projects.
  • Create and schedule tasks, with project constraints and deadlines clearly defined.
  • Assign costs, create and assign resources to tasks accurately.
  • View the critical paths, monitor progress and reschedule work accordingly.
  • Prepare and print outputs, including charts and reports.

Logistics Contract Management

This training module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the ability to manage contract clients in a logistics environment – managing time, costs, tasks and resources, customer service elements and many more.

The program aims to familiarize participants with the basic concepts and overview of contract logistics, from theories to strategies and operational guidelines.

Real life case studies will be used to emphasize the impact of this discipline on customer service, transportation, warehousing, order processing, IT system management, financial obligations, quality management and more.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key concepts relating to contract logistics.
  • Relate to customer service and improve client’s expectations towards your own knowledge and skills in handling them,
  • Use project management tools to create a critical path, monitor and maintain an existing project.
  • To understand the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficiency and effective storage and warehousing of goods.
  • To deploy a good strategy for delivery, distribution and transportation of goods and services.
  • Comprehend the various types of IT system enablers in the logistics industry.
  • Understand various types of financial components that make-up revenue and expenses in handling a contract logistics project.
  • To understand and upkeep good Health, Safety and Environment processes in the logistics contracts.
  • Better able to measure and control the performance of various logistics functions.

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