Introductory Programmes – How Do They Work?

How are Introductory Programmes Taught?

Candidates are taught and assessed using a paper-based workbook. The workbook consists of simple and straightforward exercises and learning information. Candidates have a tutor who works through the workbook and deals with any problems that the candidate encounters. The workbook is a study aid and assessment document which helps the tutor to check the candidate’s understanding of an exercise. The candidate also carries out a number of exercises on the Internet. On completion of the programme, the candidate keeps the learning section of the workbook as a reminder of the skills they have acquired.

Is there an Exam?

As a programme aimed at complete beginners, Digital Citizen is designed to be entirely unintimidating in both its format and content. There is no formal exam at the end of the programme, and assessment is carried out by the programme tutor on a continual basis. Candidates must complete a final assessment in class without the help of the tutor.

Following successful completion of a programme, candidates receive an ICDL Digital Awareness Certificate

How long does it take to complete?

The programme will take between 8 and 15 hours of training, depending on the candidate’s ability. The whole programme is designed to be flexible and allows the candidates to learn at their own pace.